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August 15, 2023 | Serial Wines

GREAT EXPECTATIONS: 2023 Vintage in Paso Robles

The heat is upon us in Paso Robles, as it always is this time of year. The rare blend of inland summer warmth and the significant marina influence from the nearby Pacific Ocean sets Paso Robles apart as an exceptional wine-growing region—recently named USA Today’s #1 wine region in the U.S. It’s one of the drivers behind John’s interest in starting Serial Wines—a series of wines that showcase this terroir. 

This time of year in Paso Robles temperatures can vary up to 50 degrees from late afternoon to early morning. We count on this daily interplay to deliver the rich flavors, sumptuous textures, and balanced structure for which Paso Robles wines are renowned. 

However, this year is proving to be different in its own way. Much-needed winter storms brought historic rainfall to Paso Robles, which replenished the soils and created healthy vine canopies. A relatively cool spring delayed the beginning of both bud break and bloom, while July brought its typical hot weather, we are still expecting a long, late harvest season for 2023. 

This is music to the ears of Sander Scheer, Serial’s Director of Vineyard. “We love to see an elongated ripening process. It gives you that special combination of ‘physiological ripeness,’ when we achieve this balance of rich, layered flavors with fresh acidity and fine structure. As long as we don’t get any freak weather in the next few months, Serial Wines will have an excellent vintage.”

Seeking Perfection

At our estate Deseo Vineyard in the Estrella District, the Serial vineyard team has been busy with “leafing” and “dropping crop.” Leafing is the process of selectively removing vine leaves to foster dappled sunlight into the fruiting zone. Dropping crop is the act of removing under-ripe or excessive clusters to ensure balanced yields. The perfect level of sunlight, combined with the right amount of fruit, can make all the difference between a good wine and a great one. 

The grapes are now gaining color and sugar, a process known as “veraison.” At Deseo Vineyard, we grow Tempranillo and Syrah for dedicated rosé production, and these are the grapes that will first come off the vine in late August or early September. We pick these grapes at lower ripeness levels to lock in bright acidity and fresh fruit flavors in the Serial Deseo Vineyard Rosé. The peak of the harvest will likely come in October, with Cabernet Sauvignon for Serial Paso Robles Cabernet SauvignonSerial Santa Margarita Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon, and Serial Adelaida District Cabernet Sauvignon dominating the latter half of the season.  

All in all, we expect this year to deliver the vibrant rosés, lush whites, and complex reds for which Serial Wines is known.

Experience the Excitement

There is no better time to experience the excitement of Paso Robles than during the harvest season: spectacular weather, autumn hues in the vineyard, and the scent of fermenting wine in the air.  Plan your fall getaway and join us at the Serial Tasting Lounge in the heart of downtown, to taste our single vineyardDistrict, and Sub-AVA releases. Serial Wines is where you can savor all that Paso Robles has to offer. 

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Serial Wines
July 25, 2023 | Serial Wines

The Serial Tasting Lounge: Luxury & Discovery in Downtown Paso Robles

Downtown Paso Robles is the destination of the summer. Enjoy a wine tasting experience beyond compare in the heart of California’s ascendent wine country, only at the Serial Tasting Lounge.

Located in the Historic Odd Fellows building just a half block away from the City Park, the Serial Tasting Lounge is where you can discover the diverse and distinctive terroirs and hidden-gem vineyards of Paso Robles. Step into Paso’s top-ranked downtown tasting room, and allow us to welcome you into the enigmatic world of Serial Wines.

The captivating energy of the Serial Tasting Lounge comes to life the moment you step through the doors. More than meets the eye– the lounge is a place of viticulture, art, geography, and history. A gallery of international artworks depicts fantastical imagery that is also depicted on our labels. The all encompassing experience is rounded out in the glass with a range of Paso-dedicated offerings. 

Paso Robles Defined

Let our passionate wine education team illuminate all that Paso Robles has to offer through curated tasting flights, artisan culinary pairings and attentive hospitality. Extend your time with us into the late-night hours, cozied up by the outdoor firepits as the stars brighten above downtown Paso Robles.

New this spring and summer, two exceptional flights: the Collective Tasting and Taste the Terroir. 

With the Collective Tasting, you experience the inner circle of Serial Wines, including ultra-rare releases otherwise exclusive to Collective members. The 2019 Serial Halter Ranch Syrah and 2019 Serial Adelaida District Tempranillo exhibit the qualities of stellar districts that define what’s next from Paso Robles. 

Taste the Terroir enhances our most coveted wines with culinary treats curated by our sommeliers. This is where the art of food and wine pairing comes alive, taking your senses on a journey. 

The Serial Tasting Lounge is the only local winery to stay open late daily, to 10 p.m. on weekdays and midnight on Thursday through Saturday. Paso Robles is the next great California wine region, and the wine world has taken notice. Make it yours at the Serial Tasting Lounge.

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Serial Wines
June 20, 2023 | Serial Wines

Serial Grenache Blanc: A Tale of Two Stunning White Wines

Experience the captivating journey of two successive vintages of the Serial Adelaida District Grenache Blanc—one mellow, one bright, both delicate and sophisticated.

The inherent nature of Grenache Blanc is both delicious and alluring. Best known for its essential role in many white blends from the Rhône Valley, Grenache Blanc proves equally exciting as a stand-alone wine: full-bodied with distinctive herbal and mineral qualities. This grape varietal excels in Paso Robles, where Rhône grapes famously thrive. The result is an alternative white wine for those in the know. 

The 2020 and 2021 vintages of our Serial Grenache Blanc come from the same coveted vineyard in the westside coastal mountains of the Adelaida District. This district is one of the most acclaimed AVAs in Paso Robles, with rugged slopes, calcareous soils and a persistent marine influence creating perfect conditions for Rhône and Bordeaux varietals alike. Access to these premium vineyard conditions, allows us to create the unique and enigmatic Serial Grenache Blanc.

Two equally intriguing vintages of the same varietal that have two distinct winemaking approaches. The 2020 Serial Adelaida District Grenache Blanc was fermented and aged in neutral French oak barrels, while the 2021 Serial Adelaida District Grenache Blanc was fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks. One varietal, one vineyard—with two different interpretations showing the artistry of the winemaker’s hand. 

According to EVP of Winemaking, Jeff Kandarian, Grenache Blanc naturally lends itself to different expressions. After crafting the 2020 vintage in barrels, he was inspired to create stylistic contrast with a stainless-steel edition. 

“The 2020 vintage has a golden hue, it’s richer and rounder with a more viscous varietal expression,” Jeff says. “The 2021 vintage has more of a platinum hue, with the vibrancy of flavor and acidity that you get from stainless steel. They are two sides of the same coin, and it’s illuminating to taste them side by side.”

Discover your next favorite white wine, just in time for the warm summer months with the Serial Adelaida District Grenache Blanc—two distinct vintages to choose from, revealing our passion for all that Paso Robles has to offer.

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Serial Wines
May 23, 2023 | Serial Wines

Experience Sense of Place in Paso Robles

NEW Summer Tastings and Events

As summer emerges Serial Wines continues to set the standard for multi-sensory experiences that showcase the diverse terroirs of Paso Robles.

The Serial Wines Tasting Lounge is a sensory world unto itself. Here we celebrate the living art of Paso Robles wine with curated tasting flights and imaginative, local, food pairings—set within a stunning artful environment. Recognized as USA Today’s Readers' Choice 10Best New Wineries of 2022, Serial aims to capture the soul of Paso Robles terroir set in the heart of downtown Paso. 

Essential Summer Tastings

NEW this summer is the “Deseo Tasting.” This elevated flight features our most-coveted District and single vineyard wines, including the just-released 2022 Serial Deseo Vineyard Rosé.  

Your senses will also be tempted by the “Indulge in Elegance” flight, featuring locally-made artisanal chocolates paired with our richest, silkiest wines. Available throughout the day and as an after-dinner treat on the gorgeous fire-pit patio.

New releases have also been added to the popular “Taste the Terroir” and VIP “Collective Tasting” both available with culinary add-ons.

Illuminating Evenings

Serial Wines will host our first-ever dinner series at Deseo Vineyard, Estrella District. This Michelin-caliber culinary experience features passed appetizers and four, seated wine pairing courses—each prepared by Estate Chef, formerly of The French Laundry. Seating is limited to 10 guests, ensuring an intimate taste of Paso Robles.

The second annual Serial Masquerade returns on November 4. Last fall’s sold-out, inaugural Serial Masquerade was the talk of the town—brimming with luxury, festivity and mystique. This year’s Masquerade will be in high demand, so secure your tickets now before they sell out.   

Keep an eye on our calendar as we continue to create immersive experiences that reveal the promise of Paso Robles. 

VIP Access

Be the first to know and invited to these unique experience by joining The Collective, the inner circle of Serial Wines. As a Collective member, you are entitled to exclusive benefits such as VIP tastings, special wine allocations, member-only experiences and preferred pricing. Join today

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Serial Wines
May 9, 2023 | Serial Wines

Serial Wines Deepens Commitment To Paso Robles Region With Release Of First Estate Wine

Following the one-year anniversary of opening downtown Paso Robles Tasting Lounge, Serial Wines announces inaugural estate wine, special events, and programming.

Serial Wines, a part of the John Anthony Family of Wines portfolio, announces the release of the label's inaugural, vineyard-designate estate wine from Deseo Vineyard in Paso Robles' Estrella District. The 2022 Serial Deseo Vineyard Rosé is a blend of Tempranillo and Syrah grown exclusively for rosé production. It is the latest exceptional addition to the Serial Wines collection, showcasing a series of varietal-specific wines, nuanced blends, sub-AVA designates, and single-vineyard releases from throughout the diverse Paso Robles region.

Part of the second Spring release for Serial's fast-growing The Collective wine club, this rosé is bright and clean, featuring flavors of watermelon, blood orange, and just-ripe raspberry. Grapes for this direct-press, vineyard-designate release were grown specifically for this rosé at Serial's Deseo Vineyard, a 108 acre, 12 block estate purchased in 2018 by John Anthony Truchard, Founder and CEO of John Anthony Family of Wines. The same vineyard management company that John started in the 1990's farms John Anthony Family of Wines estates in Napa Valley, North-central California, and now also Deseo Vineyard, Paso Robles. It is managed daily by resident Vineyard Manager, Jesus, who has lived on the Deseo ranch for almost 20 years. The vineyard team believes that great wines grow in the farmer's shadow, giving each block its best conditions to produce the highest-quality wines possible by maximizing organic matter through cover crops, planting east to west to minimize dehydration, and maximizing the effectiveness of the vine canopy against the central California sun.

"The release of Serial's inaugural estate wine is a significant milestone in our commitment to the Paso Robles wine region," said John Anthony Truchard, Founder and CEO of John Anthony Family of Wines. "When we first began Serial Wines, our idea was to create a series highlighting Paso's many diverse terroirs and exceptional estates by leveraging our Winemaker's deep experience of the area. From the first release in 2015, to the purchase and replanting of the Deseo Estate, to the opening of our tasting lounge in 2022, and now our first estate release of the Serial Deseo Vineyard Rosé, our endeavors here have been rewarding on so many levels."

Inspired by the diverse and fast-growing Paso Robles AVA and its potential to produce exceptional-quality wines, Truchard first conceived of Serial Wines in 2015 in partnership with Executive Winemaker, Jeff Kandarian, who started his career in Paso Robles and has a deep understanding of its terroir and winegrowing community. Partnerships with several Paso Robles growers resulted in the first release of Serial Wines, a red blend in 2015. Since the launch of the series, Serial now works with over a dozen winegrower partners and produces wines from six of the 11 Paso Robles sub AVAs. Sourcing from their partners' meticulously-farmed estates and now the Deseo estate, Serial produces varietal-specific wines, nuanced blends, sub-AVA designates, and single-vineyard releases from Paso Robles' myriad of microclimates. The elegant Serial Wines Tasting Lounge featuring current releases opened in March 2022 in downtown Paso Robles' historic Odd Fellows building and was named one of USA Todays 10Best best new wineries 2022.

In 2023 Serial Wines will also present several opportunities to enjoy these wines beyond its award-winning, downtown Paso Robles tasting lounge:

"Dinner Series at Deseo Vineyard": A monthly series of intimate, culinary experiences featuring curated pairings of Serial's most highly-allocated wines set at the stunning Deseo private estate residence in Estrella District.

"Day of Life in the Vineyard." On May 13th 2023, Serial invites guests to celebrate their inaugural Spring Release at the Deseo Vineyard estate, where attendees will experience the beauty of the place, the passion of the people and the quality of the product they create with a special food and wine pairing and estate vineyard tour.

"Winemaker Dinner at Jeffry's Wine Country BBQ" May 17th, 2023: In celebration of Paso Wine Fest, join Serial Wines at Jeffry's Wine Country BBQ on for a mouthwatering experience featuring dry-rubbed, smoked premium meats, sides, and small plates paired with a selection of Serial Wines.

"Aspen Food & Wine Classic, June 16th -18th 2023" Serial Wines will pour at the Grand Tasting of this annual event in Aspen, CO alongside releases from the John Anthony Family of Wines portfolio including John Anthony Vineyards, Weather Wines, and JaM Cellars.

For more information on Serial Wines and the above events, to sign up for our newsletter, or to visit the Serial Wines Tasting Lounge, please visit

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Serial Wines
March 13, 2023 | Serial Wines

A MOMENTOUS YEAR: Looking Back - and Ahead - with Serial Wines

Join us as we celebrate the first anniversary of the Serial Tasting Lounge in downtown Paso Robles, capping off a dazzling year of discovery, evolution and excitement.

The Serial Tasting Lounge is a different kind of wine experience: a stunning backdrop to explore the living art of wine through Paso Robles' diverse terroirs, varietals, and vintages. And throughout the year, we released our most heralded wines to date—the 2019 Serial Halter Ranch Vineyard Syrah, 2019 Serial Willow Creek District Syrah, and 2019 Serial Estrella District Malbec.

The much anticipated Serial Tasting Lounge, which opened in March 2022, became an immediate sensation in the heart of downtown Paso Robles. By the fall, it had been named USA Today's 10Best New Winery of 2022. This distinction was achieved through a hotly contested reader's poll, and the result spoke to the passion and support of our patrons. Thank you!

This past year we've partied in high style at the inaugural Serial Masquerade on November 5th, lighting up the Tasting Lounge with luxury, festivity and mystique. Passersby were curious about the mystery of it all, and the energy inside the tasting lounge was high deep into the night. Our guests looked amazing, and our wines flowed along with gourmet bites and live music.   

In 2023, we will delve further into the diverse terroirs of the incomparable Paso Robles region and welcome you even deeper into the world of Serial Wines. Soon, we will release our first-ever wines from the Santa Margarita Ranch AVA. April 13th will see our stunning Tasting Lounge as the backdrop for Ambiance Boutique's Spring Fashion Show–the art of wine and design coming together! Serial's "Taste the Terroir" flight featuring culinary indulgences paired with our most coveted wines from across Paso's broad region continues to be our most popular tasting experience. Hot on its heels is our newest offering, "Indulge in Elegance," which takes dessert to new heights with locally made , artisanal chocolates paired with our most decadent, silkiest wines. And our unique late-night hours until 10 pm and weekends until midnight make us the perfect stop before or after dinner. 

The Serial Wines team is exceptionally grateful to the Paso Robles community—our partner growers, local community, visitors, fellow wineries, and businesses. Thank you for supporting Serial's momentous first year in downtown Paso Robles. We look forward to greater heights together as we create wines and experiences that elevate one of the most exciting wine regions on the planet. 


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Serial Wines
February 17, 2023 | Serial Wines

Pouring in Paso: Abundant Rains Set the Stage

Atmospheric rivers poured through Paso Robles wine country this winter, exceeding our seasonal rainfall averages–and that’s a good thing!

Plentiful rains bring another boost to our burgeoning wine region—fast becoming known for complex and expressive wines. Vineyard soils across the region have replenished, setting the stage for each of our diverse terroirs to showcase their individuality. At our estate Deseo in the Estrella District, our vineyard planted to Syrah, Tempranillo, Merlot, and much more is on track for a stellar second vintage, and our growing partners in Adelaida and Willlow Creek are reporting similar good news—the 2023 growing season is off to a great start!

River Deep, Mountain High

As of this writing, the 2023 vintage rainfall in Paso Robles is 18.41 inches—beating the historical annual average of 14 inches. Something that’s happened only twice in the previous 10 years. Our diverse region of elevations, valleys and soil types here in Paso is soaking up this much-needed moisture, ready to put into the 2023 crop. Needless to say, the rain is a very welcome sight for Paso’s winegrowers. “We’re always excited anytime we can really fill the soil profile,” says Sander Scheer, Serial Wines’ Director of Vineyard Operations. “You can drip irrigate the vines to close that gap, but there’s nothing like the saturation you get from natural rainfall.”

The rains have also helped replenish the Paso Robles aquifer and local reservoirs and lakes—all great news following after three years of dry conditions here in the region.  

Rock Solid

Intense storms can sometimes create erosion which could impact vine integrity and yields. Thanks to Sander and his team, careful preparation and cover cropping have kept vineyard structures intact—a smart vineyard management tactic employed by the best farmers. “Our cover crops had already sprouted three to four inches when the heavy rains hit, which made a big difference,” Sander says.

The result, we hope, will be both maximum quality and quantity across Serial’s portfolio of single vineyard, sub-AVA and Paso Robles releases that really showcase the varietal and its terroir. –Think Grenache Blanc with clean tight minerality, lush Cabernet Sauvignons and Syrahs, and complex Red Blends that Serial is becoming known for.

In short, all signs point to a healthy start to the growing season at Deseo Vineyard and across Paso Robles incredible. Excitement is in the air across our wine community here in Paso—An inspiring time to be here and learn why Paso wines are going from strength to strenght with each vintage. Join us at the Serial Tasting Lounge to taste the fruits of earlier seasons, marvel at the green hills around Paso Robles, and get the inside track on an exciting 2023 vintage. 

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Serial Wines
January 17, 2023 | Serial Wines

Night and Day with Serial Wines

The Serial Tasting Lounge was created to be a completely different Paso Robles wine experience. Wines from across Paso’s many Districts and sub-AVAs in an atmosphere of luxury, relaxation and timelessness. Serial Wines promises an escape from the hurry and a leisurely discovery for the senses–taste, aroma, sight, sound and touch. 

Enjoy Serial Wines’ diverse selection of Paso Robles wines, original artworks, stunning décor and musical performances–day or night. Open daily at 10a.m. until midnight on Thursdays through Saturdays, and until 10 p.m. the remainder of the week. Our wine education and hospitality team is ready to welcome you to start your wine journey, for sunset by the firepits, and pre- or post-dinner sips. 

Experience the difference day and night at the Serial Tasting Lounge in downtown Paso Robles, a USA Today 10Best New Winery of 2022.

Living Art

You will find the Serial Tasting Lounge within the historic Odd Fellows building, a beautiful architectural landmark since 1912. Original historic touches from this building sit comfortably alongside new and reclaimed materials composed by designer Richard Von Saal with sumptuous textures and finishes in copper, velvet and bronze. 

A head-turning gallery of original, fantastical paintings bring a touch of the avant garde, reflecting the international artworks—also depicted on our wine labels.

Serial Wines’ space is the perfect backdrop to experience the living art of wine–an always-evolving composition of terroirs, varietals and time. The pinnacle of which is the NEW Serial “Taste the Terroirs” wine flight and pairing that expresses the diversity of Paso’s wine region.

Our wine education and hospitality team can share the history of the building; the provenance of its gorgeous décor and original international artworks; and of course, our stunning portfolio of wines now in their eighth vintage. Truly an artful way to enjoy Paso Robles. Walk-ins are welcome, reservations are highly recommended.

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