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December 12, 2023 | Serial Wines

Serial Adelaida District Cabernet Sauvignon—A Testament of Terroir

As we continue to plant our roots in the expansive and diverse terroir of Paso Robles, we discover hidden-gem vineyards tucked away within the intricate landscape of AVAs and sub-AVAs. Each of these unique vineyards tells a story through soil composition, nuances of its microclimate, and geographical features. It's an exploration that goes beyond cultivation; it's a quest to understand and harness the full potential of Paso Robles' diverse terroir.

Exploring the remarkable terroir of the Adelaida District started with Serial Adelaida District Cabernet Sauvignon. Bold and expressive by nature, Cabernet Sauvignon excels in Paso Robles in the steep limestone hillsides of the Adelaida District, where Bordeaux grapes thrive. 

With an annual rainfall of over 30 inches, this region stands as the wettest in Paso Robles. Unlike many other wine regions, the unique limestone rich soil of Adelaida retains water throughout the warm, sun-soaked summer months. These warm days, followed by the cooling effects of the Templeton Gap in the evening allows this incomparable region to produce exceptional grapes that retain both vibrancy and freshness.

The 2019 and 2020 vintages of our Serial Adelaida District Cabernet Sauvignon are a clear reflection of the quality of the Adelaida District, coming from the westside coastal mountain slopes with rich, calcareous soil, and influence from the nearby Pacific Ocean. 

Powerful and voluminous— the new release 2020 Serial Adelaida District Cabernet Sauvignon displays unique qualities indicative of the rich Adelaida landscape. A deep ruby-hued wine with aromas of Morello cherry and cola. The mouthfeel is round with flavors of forest berry and dark mint chocolate. Fine tension in combination with Paso Robles richness to create an approachable wine with a powerful finish. 

Its predecessor, the 2019 Serial Adelaida District Cabernet Sauvignon has its own  unique qualities. Dark, ruby hues signal the intense black currant and black cherry aromas. Flavors of cassis and fig, with hints of dark chocolate and graphite are supported by velvety tannins. A powerful vintage and substantial expression of the Cabernet varietal.

Paso Robles wine country continues to be a dynamic source of inspiration and a canvas of possibilities. Through our ongoing journey, we aim not only to uncover the hidden gems within this region but also to contribute to the legacy of Paso Robles by creating wines that capture the essence of its terroir and showcase the unparalleled richness it has to offer. 

Collect and compare Serial Adelaida District Cabernet Sauvignon with these two consecutive but distinct vintages. Also available to taste by the glass, or bottle at the Serial Wines Tasting Lounge in Downtown Paso Robles.


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