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February 17, 2023 | Serial Wines

Pouring in Paso: Abundant Rains Set the Stage

Atmospheric rivers poured through Paso Robles wine country this winter, exceeding our seasonal rainfall averages–and that’s a good thing!

Plentiful rains bring another boost to our burgeoning wine region—fast becoming known for complex and expressive wines. Vineyard soils across the region have replenished, setting the stage for each of our diverse terroirs to showcase their individuality. At our estate Deseo in the Estrella District, our vineyard planted to Syrah, Tempranillo, Merlot, and much more is on track for a stellar second vintage, and our growing partners in Adelaida and Willlow Creek are reporting similar good news—the 2023 growing season is off to a great start!

River Deep, Mountain High

As of this writing, the 2023 vintage rainfall in Paso Robles is 18.41 inches—beating the historical annual average of 14 inches. Something that’s happened only twice in the previous 10 years. Our diverse region of elevations, valleys and soil types here in Paso is soaking up this much-needed moisture, ready to put into the 2023 crop. Needless to say, the rain is a very welcome sight for Paso’s winegrowers. “We’re always excited anytime we can really fill the soil profile,” says Sander Scheer, Serial Wines’ Director of Vineyard Operations. “You can drip irrigate the vines to close that gap, but there’s nothing like the saturation you get from natural rainfall.”

The rains have also helped replenish the Paso Robles aquifer and local reservoirs and lakes—all great news following after three years of dry conditions here in the region.  

Rock Solid

Intense storms can sometimes create erosion which could impact vine integrity and yields. Thanks to Sander and his team, careful preparation and cover cropping have kept vineyard structures intact—a smart vineyard management tactic employed by the best farmers. “Our cover crops had already sprouted three to four inches when the heavy rains hit, which made a big difference,” Sander says.

The result, we hope, will be both maximum quality and quantity across Serial’s portfolio of single vineyard, sub-AVA and Paso Robles releases that really showcase the varietal and its terroir. –Think Grenache Blanc with clean tight minerality, lush Cabernet Sauvignons and Syrahs, and complex Red Blends that Serial is becoming known for.

In short, all signs point to a healthy start to the growing season at Deseo Vineyard and across Paso Robles incredible. Excitement is in the air across our wine community here in Paso—An inspiring time to be here and learn why Paso wines are going from strength to strenght with each vintage. Join us at the Serial Tasting Lounge to taste the fruits of earlier seasons, marvel at the green hills around Paso Robles, and get the inside track on an exciting 2023 vintage. 

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