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January 31, 2024 | Serial Wines

Unveiling the Distinctive Terroir of Paso Robles' Southern Frontier—Santa Margarita Ranch AVA

Located along the southern boundary of the expansive Paso Robles AVA lies Santa Margarita Ranch AVA, a hidden gem district that boasts a diverse blend of microclimates and pristine vineyard landscapes. Bordered by the Santa Lucia Mountain Range, this AVA spans over 18,300 acres and stands alone, unbordered by the other ten Paso Robles districts.

Santa Margarita Ranch sits in a valley surrounded on three sides by mountain ranges. The orographic effects from this mountainous terrain result in increased rainfall and diurnal temperature swings, as well as limit the maritime influence from the nearby Pacific Ocean.

Out of the 11 Paso Robles districts, Santa Margarita Ranch stands out as a true viticultural haven, where soil, climate, and skilled winemaking create an unparalleled environment for cultivating exceptional wines. Santa Margarita Ranch is home to two stunning Serial Wines red wines—Serial Santa Margarita Ranch Red Blend and Serial Santa Margarita Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon. 

Elegant and graceful—the 2020 Serial Santa Margarita Ranch Red Blend displays qualities reflective of the lush landscape of Santa Margarita Ranch. Deep purple and garnet hues anticipate aromas of black raspberry, mocha, and pencil shaving. The palate has layered flavors of pluot, currant, and coffee bean. The finish has soft edges and definitive weight. 

The 2020 Serial Santa Margarita Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon hails from the same district and has its own distinctive characteristics that exemplify the excellent reds that this region produces. Aromas of wild berries, huckleberry, and savory jam reveal hints of earthy cedar and black licorice. The mouthfeel is commanding and enveloping, unfolding with complex flavors of black cherry, cassis, pomegranate, and graphite. With upfront energy that lengthens into a deep, bold, structured finish. 

In our continuous exploration of Paso Robles, we strive to craft wines that encapsulate the true spirit of its terroir, taking advantage of the unique characteristics that this region offers. Discover the beauty of Santa Margarita Ranch by collecting these two stunning varietals. Available to taste by the glass or bottle at the Serial Tasting Lounge in Downtown Paso Robles.


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