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Explore wines from Paso Robles & Beyond with The Collective. Discover rich, opulent red wine blends and single varietals from across the region.

The Serial Red Blend with beautifully-integrated dark fruit flavors lays the foundation of the collection. Serial Cabernet Sauvignon expresses this noble varietal with classic depth and structure alongside lush decadence from perfectly-ripe Paso Robles grapes. Future Serial wines will broaden and deepen the portfolio with other single-varietal releases and a single-vineyard Paso Robles grower series. Serial wines are sourced from Paso Robles & Beyond, crafted to deliver opulence without an indulgent price tag.

• Choose to receive the Serial Collective twice per year, in 6 or 12 bottle shipments
• Discover new Serial wines upon release with introductory pricing
• Receive exclusive invitations for complimentary tastings at the Serial Tasting Lounge in downtown Paso Robles coming Summer 2021.