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Paso Robles and Beyond

Serial Wines Vintner, John Anthony Truchard is known for making wines in Napa Valley. John started out farming vineyards for others before finally starting his own winery. By then he knew exactly which rootstock and varietal clones to grow in which microclimates.

A chance invitation brought John to Paso Robles, connecting him with like-minded winegrowers intent on growing exceptional-quality grapes. On subsequent trips John discovered more vineyards that produced intensely-flavorful berries with just the right balance of sugars and acids to produce great wines. Plus, as a relatively undiscovered region, the quality greatly over delivered on value.

John and our winemaking team worked alongside select Paso Robles farmers to make Serial Red Blend. It was a true expression of John’s vision: rich, luscious and opulent, without an indulgent price tag. Serial Cabernet Sauvignon expanded the series—classic black fruit aromas with structured tannins. It is a true testament to John’s roots in the Napa Valley where this varietal is considered “King”.

John continues to explore Paso Robles for microclimates that produce excellent wines. In 2021 the Serial Wines Tasting Lounge will open in downtown Paso Robles, a home for this new and growing portfolio.