Dan Hillier

London, England

Dan Hillier is an artist based in Hackney, London.  He makes his work by collaging elements of found material from Victorian sources,adding in his own drawing. He also produces original ink drawings using dip-nib pen and ink. These beautiful, classically rooted images suggest an unsettling eality where mystery, archetype and magic meet the everyday.

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Dan 1
Dan 2

Greg Betza

New Jersey, USA

Greg Betza is an award-winning artist based in New Jersey. Trained as a reportage artist, Greg learned how to interpret and transform, allowing him to create work with a personal and instinctive touch. Whether it be through traditional or digital media his focus on aesthetics over a predetermined style has helped him amass an impressive and diverse list of clients.

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Lente Scura

Rome Italy

Lente Scura is a digital artist who combines photo-manipulation and digital painting techniques to create emotive digital paintings of subjects struggling with emotional states and dream-like environments. Lente Scura takes the viewer on an emotional journey through visually striking digital compositions filled with dramatic beauty, giving insight into the complexity of emotions of the subjects of each painting.

Lente Scura’s art has its roots in the classical painting of Italy, American painting of the mid-1800s, and in the German Expressionism and Surrealism movements of the early to mid-1900s. Lente Scura works within these styles, allowing the artist to portray at times ethereal beauty and at times immense horror and anguish. This mixture of styles leans to the dream quality of Lente Scura’s art, allowing the artist to focus not on reality in terms of environment, time, or location, but in the realmof dreams and all its hopes and fears and its endless struggle of voice and individuality.

Lente Scura holds undergraduate degrees in literature and in painting and drawing and a Masters of Fine Art in Digital Art and Media, allowing the artist to combine the fields of literature and traditional painting with the digital world, creating a surreal dream world that has become the embodiment of the spirit and soul of the artist.

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